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Enjoy the beautiful season of the year with this 

unique Massage ​Treatment! 

100 minutes Customized Session Includes:

-Relaxation Aromatherapy Massage

-Rejuvenating Face Massage 

-Hot Stones Massage

For this Session I use 

Extra Rich 

"Champagne and Rose" Body Butter 

and Moisturizing Massage Oil with Japanese Cherry Blossom Essential Oil and Blue Chamomile

Now only $90 ($100 value)

CBD Oil massage

CBD-infused massage oils can penetrate deeply into warmed tissue to ease muscular tension and relieve pain. 

I offer two modalities of CBD Oil massage sessions:

A Full Body Massage or Partial Body Massage


60 minutes Full Body Massage Session now is $100

90 minutes Full Body Massage Session now is $140

or Partial Body Massage (customized for each session)

For $20 add CBD Oil treatment to your regular massage session on one of the following areas of the body:

Neck and shoulders - Upper back - Lower back - Hands - Elbows - Knees - Feet

Hello, my name is Marina ,

I specialize in Deep Tissue massage techniques with elements of Sports massage, Thai and Relaxation massage.

My goal is to create a deeply relaxing , healing and balancing experience for you!

Before I became a Massage Therapist, I was working as a professional Dance Teacher and Fitness Instructor; I used to receive massages on a regular basis and experience the wonders of a great body work. I decided to learn more about massage therapy and fell in love with the profession!

Now I do my best to help people feel better and healthier, it's inspiring!

The address where you can get

the massage you need:

3330 Cameron Park Drive, Suite 250,

Cameron Park, CA, 95682

My schedule:

Monday - Saturday

9 am -8 pm.

To make an appointment,

call or text at 530-957-9378, you can also use a contact form on this website

* If I am busy doing a massage and don't answer your call, please, leave a voicemail or a text. I will return your call as soon as possible.

To learn more about the types of Massage Therapy I provide please use the button below

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I added a Hot Stone Massage Session to my services!

You can enjoy an

 Anti stress Relaxation Hot Stone Massage with Aromatherapy (Lavender and Blue Chamomile Essential Oils)

or get a Deep Tissue Hot and Cold Stones Session that often used as a part of Sports Massage for relieving pain and muscle soreness.


I am happy to introduce you to a new approach to a Hot Stone Massage Therapy! 


Soothing Heat, Gentle to Deeper Pressure and Heat-Wave Techniques for the most Relaxing and Therapeutic Massage experience possible. 

Learn more here: SYNERGY massage tools

I recommend

Based on my own outstanding experience , I highly recommend 


for :

Facials – Peels – Brow Design – Waxing/Hair Removal

Anti-Aging, Relaxing, Therapeutic and Result Oriented Treatments

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I recommend

Going through Life, not only our body gets tired and needs help and healing - our mind and soul need it too. 

Based on my own wonderful and life-changing experience, 

I highly recommend

  Chap. Dr.Richard Ward, J.C.D., Ph.D., ORTHODOX PSYCHOTHERAPIST , Board Certified Medical Hypnoanalyst, Tapping and Optimal EFT Professional

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3330 Cameron Park Drive, Suite 250, 

Cameron Park, CA, 95682


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