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Time to make the New Years Resolutions!



We start January 9th 2018! 

10 weeks course!

          The course contains unique information about the true reasons of skin aging and age-related face deformities, methods of physiological restoration of face and body muscle structures.

10 weeks of exercises specially designed for seniors. The program includes “homework” – 10 to 20 minutes of exercises every day to increase the results and make them appear faster.

I provide the proper information about the methods of self massage, exercises, stretches and make sure everybody understands the method and can easily repeat it without supervision.

The program works for healthy adults who are able to walk, sit, lay and get up without assistance and able to massage their faces.

Every week we meet two times, each training session is 60 minutes:

                      15 minutes – Breathing exercises and stress eliminating program.

                     5 minutes – Warming up and preparation for the self massage and stretches

                     20 minutes – Learning and practicing Self Massage for the face and neck.

                     15 minutes – Pilates based exercises for the back and large joints of the body.

                     5 minutes – Relaxation

What do you need to attempt the Program?

1. Love and Respect yourself enough to make efforts to improve the quality of your life, appearance, movements.

2. A commitment to exercise with the instructor two times a week and do “homework”

3. An ability to walk, sit, lay down and get up without assistance.

4. An ability to touch your face performing the self massage techniques.

5. To self monitor your results, before you start the program, take pictures of your face without make up and a picture of your back ( I will explain it at the first meeting).

6. In order to prevent infections wash your hands thoughtfully before touching your face.

7. Have comfortable clothes and shoes on. 

8. Bring a big towel to use it as a roll for back stretches, a little mirror and a floor yoga mat. 

The address where we will meet and exercise two times a week:

937 Spring Street, Placerville, CA 95667

Placerville Senior Center

For more information please call or text at 530-333-3443, Marina

The lessons are free of charges. 


   Starting January 9th, 2018,

  every Tuesday and Saturday 

              at 10.30 am


         937 Spring Street, 

      Placerville, CA 95667

    Placerville Senior Center


      If you have questions or 

       need more information

            please, contact me 

              at 530-333-3443 

           (call or text), Marina

Video Reminders

*The videos are not supposed to replace work in the class, they are only reminders of the self-massage techniques we are practicing in the Placerville Senior Center on Tuesdays and Saturdays. 

Wash your hands before touching your face! 

If you have any questions, you can contact me at 530-333-3443 by call or (better) text. Marina.

#1 - The Jaw Line

Each side needs at least 30 seconds of the massage

#2 - Double Chin

Better practice this technique with your elbow on a table, repeat 2 times, 30 seconds each time

Our Recent Work

#3 - The Law Line.2

Make a face like you are disgusted with something and massage the areas below the lips from both sides for 30 seconds, repeat two times. 

#4 - Eyebrows 

This technique warms the eyebrows area up and prepares it for the next step - #5 -Forehead's  wrinkles reducing

Our Recent Work

#5 -Forehead's wrinkles reducing 1.

Repeat the technique 3 times from each side.

#6 -Forehead's wrinkles reducing 2.

The stretch of the forehead muscles is easier to practice if you are laying on your back on a flat surface (muscles of the neck will be relaxed) 

Our Recent Work

#7 Lips 1

Contract the muscle around the mouth imitating Whistling for 30 seconds, hold the area around the cheeks to prevent other muscles from participating: after it massage the area around the mouth and inside; finish the technique with stretching muscles in the corners of the mouth. 

#8 "Frame" 

The technique starts with contracting the muscles of the front of the neck for 30 seconds: then gently stretch the area. 

#9 "Computer neck"

The exercise helps relaxing muscles of the neck and shoulders  after working at a computer desk. 

Our Recent Work

# 10 Nasolabial Folds 1.

Hold the vertical muscle on the side of the nose (the name of the muscle is "levator labii superioris alaeque nasi" - in case if you want the exact area) for 30 seconds, then stretch it three times. 

Open your mouth and make an "O" with your lips, massage the area near the nose for 30 seconds.  


Place your fingers on the closed eyes, move the tissue to the middle line of the face, hold for 30 seconds. Stretch the area under eyebrows three times. make sure your hands are dry and clean!  

#12. No "hump" 1.

Kyphoscoliosis - a fatty "hump" on the back  of the neck , most commonly caused by improper posture.  So, to get rid of it or to prevent it appearing we need to work on a good posture. This exercise is very important because it relieves the tension in the trapezius muscle. 

Lift your shoulders up, bring your shoulder blades closer to each other, slowly move your head to your back, hold this position for 30 seconds . Get back to a normal posture, then stretch your trapezius at least 3 times on both sides. 

To inspire you to try the program, take a look at the results

 I was able to get working with my face:)

Of course, not only the area around the eyes will get better, we will work on all problem areas.